SBS Swiss Benevolent Society
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Excerpts from Thank You notes.

“ I can’t begin to show my gratitude for your financial support. Without your incredible generosity none of this would have been possible. Whatever success I achieve with my education here at ... will be due directly to the Swiss Benevolent Society of San Francisco. ”
(MVB May 25, 2005)
“ I want to honor all of whom made this scholarship possible - especially the Donors ... my sincerest 'THANK YOU ' to all that have made this award possible. ”
(RKD August 12, 2005)
“ I am honored to have been awarded and extremely grateful to accept the 2005 Silvo Canonica Scholarship ... This generous contribution will definitely help ease the financial burden of my studies as I complete my dissertation research ... ”
(PS September 12, 2005)
“ From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank the Swiss Benevolent Society for easing the burden in financing my graduate studies ... ”
(BL July 19, 2005)
“ ... thank you for granting me one of your scholarships. Your support means more to me that is possible to express in a letter ... ”
(ZK July 7, 2005)
“ I greatly appreciate any financial help that I receive ... and I am greatly honored to be a recipient of a Swiss Benevolent Society Scholarship. Any amount of financial aid helps me in my academic career and I'll be sure to make good use of what has been so graciously given to me by others. ”
(AS Jul 2, 2004)
“ My family is so proud of how well I am doing in college and I give a lot of credit to you for giving me the opportunity to concentrate solely on school. ”
(MR July 20, 2005)
“ Every school year seems to become more and more expensive as tuition levels rise ... This scholarship has helped to relieve the burden ... ”
(BT Sept 8, 2004)
“ I am especially grateful for your help, because your gift has enabled me to devote most of my time to studying ... ”
(CS Oct 7, 2005)
“ I am writing to once again thank you for your financial support through this scholarship. Medical school fees have become a huge burden for me ... Help such as yours is essential and truly gives me hope that I will succeed in becoming a doctor. ”
(ZK August 26, 2005)
“ I am now graduating from medical school ... and will be returning to California next month ... Thank you again for your financial support during graduate school. xxx and I hope to give back to the community with our skills in the way that you and others have so kindly given to us. ”
(ZL May 5, 2004)

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